Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm on a roll

Finished sweater with a picture to boot. Hubby is wearing if for the second time this week. Funny thing about knit items once you finally finish them they're the only thing you want to wear, even if you did not knit it. Hubby seems pretty happy about it. I think this is the same color as my car. Hmm.

I even started a new sock for him too. I think my plan to cover him in wooly goodness is moving along nicely. See the more finished items he sees the less he will notice new yarn walking in the front door with me.

What do you mean he reads this blog and is on to my plan? Well that is poor planning on my part. A distraction I need a Hubby distraction.....

Look Honey, Scones you like scones.

Note to anyone who reads this, pineapple scones are not as good as you hope they will be. Not bad just not as good as cherry scones. Next week we will try plain old apple scones. I will let you know how we feel about those. Tomorrow we will return to a proven scone taste, either blueberry or cranberry. I'm only up for experimentation one day of the week if it turns out an "meehh" product.

1 comment:

  1. Pineapple scones seem a whole lot like pineapple pizza. Sounds good at first...but doesn't taste as good as you would think. :-) Darn it! Now I want some scones! hmmm - maybe I'll make some after dinner tonight.

    BTW - R has been drinking tea the past week with me. :-)