Friday, February 19, 2010

Life Lessons from Pooh

Sadly no, I don't mean the Pooh the bear. I will warn you up front that this post contains language that I try to avoid but it is needed for a direct quote.

First Lesson:
Picture it; yesterday I'm standing in line to pick up our lunch order at a local deli/bistro/whatever you want to call it. This couple is waiting in line behind me are talking about people they worked with. I've got to tell you that from the moment I heard the guy's voice I was not impressed with him. Do you ever feel the same? Right off the bat someone does something minor that just sets your teeth on edge? For some reason you don't like the person and you really can't say why.

I think part of the reason was that they both complained the whole conversation. She brought up how the boss' new phrase was "Stay Positive". A noble thought but maybe one that you can not continually live up to. Any time she went to him with a concern, problem or simple frustration vent he would say "Stay Positive". This lead to a discussion about how this made the boss an A-hole. Clearly defined as an A-hole not a just a jerk. A-hole, yeah I get it you do not like your boss and the way he is treating you.

Then the guy drops this little nugget of pooh wisdom. "You can't walk around everyday shitting rainbows." I almost fell over with the effort it required so not laugh out loud! So who do you think was standing behind me Aristotle or Socrates?

Second Lesson:
This one is older so I don't remember who coined it. I do thank the Hubby for bringing this one home from work. I think he was frustrated with what someone wanted him to do at work. I think they were asking him to put in hours of free labor on something that he knew would ultimately fail. The quote from the wise co-worker was "You can't polish a turd"!

People, I give you words to live by. Your Welcome

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  1. know...Mythbusters proved that you could polish a turd...until it shone like a glass marble. ;-) R. says that line "can't polish a turd" is the best!