Monday, February 15, 2010

I am still here.

I am proud to say that I spent part of Valentine's Day watching my Hubby compete in a timed triathlon at the local YMCA. A timed triathlon is where you try to go as far as you can in a certain amount of time in each event. It was 15 minutes each for a swim, stationary bike ride and run. I wish that I could tell you how far he went in each but unfortunately he told me while I was making dinner and I did not suck the info very far into my memory. Darn you attention sapping Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili.

It seems that being a spectator is much harder than competing in our house as I was the one that needed a quick nap later. Yeah, I can not even blame my cheering activity, since I really don't cheer that much. I am a bad wife but a good cook.

My Olympic knitting is running along smoothly. I don't seem to have any snags yet. I keep telling myself it is because I'm doing the same pattern portion for the 5th time. I keep stopping myself and stretching the knitting so it does not get too tight and pucker. (Did anyone else hear the little crap from "The Little Mermaid" say "You gotta pucker up your lips, like dis"?)

I think the mitten looks good so far and that is all that matters. Man I hope they fit me, I want to keep this project. More to come later.

I meant to say little crab from "The Little Mermaid" not little crap, although I assume crabs have little craps since they're so small. Well at least I hope the do, for their sake.

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  1. That's because my child marked you as hers with the blurp. Since your cats had already marked you there was an internal struggle to see which would win out. It's very tiring.

    Oh, and sweet potato and black bean chili? Sounds yummy!