Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My knitting mojo & silly cat tricks

Hey if any of you find my knitting mojo will you send it back to me. I keep thinking about what I want to knit and not starting any of it. This happened last summer also. It is like I don't love wool as much when it is over 70 degrees outside. Wool should be good for me any time of the year.

Speaking of wool love I have to tell you about our cat Gus. You'll remember he is the self proclaimed Momma cat. Turns out he also teaches himself new tricks. To show love to someone (usually D) he brings a yarn rat to you while yowling through said rat. Well when I started knitting more yarn appeared in the house so Gus thought it was for him. He now brings us balls of yarn in the middle of the night and leaves them at the foot of the bed. I swear if he had thumbs he would be a knitter and out knit me even though he sleeps 18+ hours a day.
This is my yarn, it is what I do. You would not understand, silly human.

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