Monday, June 8, 2009

In support of my Husband

I can not tell you how cool it is to watch my husband cross the finish line. We spent part of Sunday at Tour de Cure for Diabetes. D rode a 50 mile bike ride for the event.
He is totally in love with biking now, has been for a little over a year. It is great to see someone you love doing something that they love. Remind me of this statement next year when he wants to do the 100 mile ride.
The bad part was after the fun count down and start of the ride, there is not much to do but wait for them to return. You know how much I like waiting. Don't worry I came prepared. I brought a book, my ipod, my sock that I am knitting on and the wife of another rider. Hey L you know who you are. Knitting and my friend made the time fly by. Two hours passed before I even knew it.
It was great to see all the people coming in to finish the ride, but it was awesome to see the Hubby sail in. Love you biker man.
PS: He has awesome biking calves now, check them out if you get the chance. Just don't stare too long Ladies.

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