Saturday, May 3, 2014

Now with actual knitting

I know for a person that has a knitting blog, the knitting is quite absent at times. In between worrying about Gus I knit lots of things. I even occasionally finish things too, but more often I seem to be starting things.

I have a new pair of favorite socks from Icelandic sock yarn. They are a tad big now but I am hoping they do what the other socks did and felt a bit. Either way I'm sure I'll love them too. In fact I'm wearing them now.

D's socks seem to be taking some hits. D is wearing a pair for the last time today. I was going to repair them, but the yarn is just too thin. So he'll just have to settle for new ones, it is not like he is married to a happy sock knitting machine.

Since he likes some funky socks from time to time, I'm knitting these too.

And since I finished a sweater just in time to warm up the weather, I cast on another one. This yarn started out as a sweater knit in pieces, but I am still not comfortable investing that much time into something that may not fit me. At the time I was knitting it I was gaining weigh so I just did not want to be disappointed.

Since then I've had some help and figured out how to read the patterns in Ann Budd's Top Down Sweater book. I decided to tackle a saddle shoulder sweater this time. Hopefully this winter I will have an understanding of  three different ways of knitting sweaters. Maybe I can churn out a few before it gets cold. What? I can alway hope I will be a better person and have winter knits, knit before winter.

Not pictured is a pretty pair of socks for me that are in the second sock stage. They're a bit more complicated than my normal plain jane socks, thus they're taking a bit more time. But I'm not needing more socks as much as other feet in the house. 

Oh excuse me the timer just went off on my Blueberry Buckle. I hope it turns out good.


  1. I'm thinking about making myself a saddle shoulder sweater. You seem to be getting good use out that book. I'm going to have to invest in a copy myself!

  2. It is a versatile book since you get good basic patterns at multiple gauges. I am hoping once I understand how different sweaters are constructed I will be able to add my own flourishes.