Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm a winner!

That's right I am here to show off some new yarn that I did not buy but won instead. The first time I've won something and it is yarn. How lucky can I be? 

I've been reading the Violently Domestic blog for a while. She caught my eye when she posted about being at Sock Summit and being so nervous to go out and circulate through the crowd. It was one thing for little old me to say I am an introvert and am happy to stay home. But for this lovely knitting book author to admit she was nervous to go out and face the crowd of our own people, it was a revelation.

I watched posts of her lovely creations and beautiful photography, but I really fell in love when she spoke of her Kitten Overlords. Her three boys are quite handsome and robust gents. I especially like how they insert themselves into the knitting pictures. And how Hunter joyfully posts those pictures.

I had seen Hunter's giveaway post and I decided to enter. I checked once after the contest ended but there was nothing. Then a wrote a blog post and checked my stats. There was a hit from the Violently Domestic site. I hurriedly logged in to my email and found I had won, but I may have missed the deadline for responding back. I did some math in my head and decided the worst that could happen was that she could say sorry I already picked another winner. Since I had already missed out in my mind I had nothing to lose. I sucked it up and sent an email asking if I could still claim the yarn and that I would understand if it had already moved on to someone else.

I waited nervously for a reply and luckily I made the cut off. Which yarn would it be? A lovely gradient? One of the sock yarns? (You know how I love sock yarns!) Which color? Oh the excitement was building! Ask D I was most distracted thinking about my winning yarn. My Kitten Overlords were unimpressed and demanded we return to our regular feeding schedule. Daydreaming about yarn while there are Greenies sitting right there? Sustenance woman, we need sustenance!

I anxiously awaited the arrival of my new yarn, yes I know I am a horrible person. Here I was about to get prize yarn and all I wanted was for it to be here so I could find out what I received and pet it lovingly. I have flaws and I am working on them. I am the same way with things I order. It takes me forever to make a decision but once I order, the package tracking begins. Really I am working on it.

Anyways the package showed up in my mailbox that we just had to check before walking over to get some dinner. I tucked it safely in my purse till we got to the restaurant. It took everything I had not to open it right then. I will admit to squishing it a couple of times through the packaging. What? I am not made of will power!

Lo and Behold, Prize Yarn!

This is KnitCircus Yarns Greatest of Ease Sock in the Hollyhock colorway. It is a Merino/Nylon blend at a whopping 460 yards. It is mine, mine, all mine. You can bet this will make some beautiful socks! I just might show them off here. Don't ya know I'm wild like that?

Thank You Hunter Hammersen for my new yarn!


  1. Congratulations! What a great prize, so beautiful! I don't think being excited to get your prize makes you a terrible person. I'd be just as excited myself. Now: what are you going to make with that beauty?

  2. What do you think of Deflect, by Hunter Hammersen?
    I bet it would look good in Hollyhock

    1. That's a great choice. I think the cable will show nicely through the colours.