Sunday, November 18, 2012

My best socks

If you will recall I finally found Icelandic sock yarn at the SADK Fiber Festival this year. I was very excited because I had heard great things about this particular breed making the best sock yarn. I had been looking for this breed for a few years now but this was the first time I found it.

It was from Icy Acres Farm in Galway NY. I bought a skein for a great price. I could not wait to finally try it so I cast on and played with it a bit trying different needle sizes. Finally I settled on a 3 mm needle which is quite a bit larger than my 2.25 mm normal sock knitting needles. OK maybe not quite a bit bigger to anyone else but to me there's a difference. 

I knit some, ripped back some, and knit some more. I enjoyed having a no frills yarn in my hands. One that may have lacked glamour but made up heaps in character. Something I had never knit before...

Now that I have the socks I may just buy all the sock yarn next year. They are fuzzy and warm and cozy and a bunches of wonderful. I can not describe what makes them different and better, I just know that they are. 

These are what I put on when I came home sick. These are a warm cup of tea just the way you like it, for your feet. These are what I imagine walking around heaven will feel like, not too cold, not too warm, just right.

They're never going to be my best looking socks but they are on their way to being my favorite socks.

Who knew wool could make you feel so good?


  1. Those look absolutely heavenly!

  2. Pretty! I love wool with character :-).

    1. I am learning to really appreciate wool with character. It is a wonderful thing.