Monday, April 28, 2014


Well this was a full weekend. I took Friday off from work and enjoyed myself. I got lots done and then enjoyed some knitting time with my boys. I bound off a first sock for me and of course cast on one for D. Yes the in progress sock ratio is tilted in favor of the D side. He has two and I have only one.

This was only partially necessitated by our discovery of yet another pair of D socks in need of repair. We did a shoe inspection and we may have found out culprit shoe. Darn you rough edges! Don't think I won't apply duck tape to save a sock. I grew up on a farm there is nothing that duck tape will not fix. I once mended my broken heart with duct tape...true story. (No not really.)

I guess his shoes just want me to get really competent at mending socks. Practice makes perfect?

I also caused some concern for some of my knitters in crime. Since I had not posted here in 14 days I was worried over. While it is nice to know others care, I did not mean to make you worry. I will try to do better now.

I will not stop encouraging you to buy yarn however. Especially my beloved Zauberballs unless we're talking about colors I just have to have. Yep I welcomed two more over to the Zauberball yarn side. The yarn is just so dang pretty.

Gus had some difficulty this weekend with a new UTI so we started him on some antibiotics tonight and he is here sleeping hard beside me. He says it is tough getting old but you all knew that. Now I know why he is grey, my boy is made of steel.

Well I must go get a workout in so I am off.

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