Thursday, May 15, 2014

It is working for me

I've been meaning to tell you about how I am exercising.

It is really hard for me to talk about this for some reason. I hate hearing about what other people are doing because in the past I've not been doing anything for so long. In 2008 I was exercising fairly regularly and lost around 20 pounds. Then we went to England for a great vacation and walked everywhere. Which was also great till I developed a huge blister then it was not quite so great. Because it was roughly half the size of a deck of cards I had to adjust the way I walked or rather limped.

I cam home and never really got back into a consistent exercise habit again. I would try and then not try. Late last summer D suggested to me that I start in again on our elliptical machine. I could not figure out what was holding me back, other than me. What did I need to change to keep me going?

D suggested that I plan on working out every day, just 20 minutes a day. EVERY DAY? Every day seemed impossible. I thought about giving myself a firm start day after my birthday but then I just got up and did it one night, and the next night and the next.

I decided to see if I could make it a whole month, and another, and another. I think I made it about 6 months before I missed a day. This meant I sometimes started at 10 pm and sometimes later than that. Not very often but I found ways of getting it done, because I had to. It was not a case of if I would exercise but when I would exercise that day.

I managed to keep it up during all Gus' stress filled illness. I think it really helped me manage some of that stress. I know it made me feel better to do something that was making me more healthy. When you cannot control your cat's health just trying to control your own is helpful.

D noticed the changes in my body first, a smaller belly and more curves, but I noticed my bum reshaping the most. My clothes fit better and I had more energy to do the things I wanted and should do, even housework.

After my first night off in six months, I had a record time and distance the next day. The thought occurred to me that one day off a week might be a good thing. It allows some flexibility, like trivia night at the Legion.

D came to me with a new plan shortly after that. If I increased my time from 20 to 25 minutes a day I could take a guilt free day off. Not that I should feel guilty about my night off, but this way I was not losing anything.

This plan was quickly adapted to a more varied model next, when we started making my workout time, outside together time instead. We now go for a bike ride or hike on one day of the weekend. It is working out to be some nice quality time together.

While I have not lost much weight, I have lost a little and my endurance is higher too. I am doing this to make myself stronger first. I hope the weight will come off, but I will not let it be a determining factor.

I'm just happy the plan is working.


  1. It's interesting how committing to a little bit every day soon just becomes a habit. Bravo! Well done, you!

    1. Thank you! A little bit every day may be my new motto.