Friday, May 9, 2014

My first WEBS order

Yep the call of the wool is a hard thing to resist. Last winter I found myself woefully lacking sweaters. Now in the past I've had a hard time knitting sweaters, actually when I first started knitting I never saw myself knitting a sweater. It does not matter if your socks are not perfect, they go in your shoes and hide under your jeans. As long as they fit the world still spins. 

Sweaters on the other hand are so very visible. I found a pattern and stuck with it. But then this winter came and I wanted more. No, not wanted, but needed more. And I started consistently exercising. I felt I no longer had to wait for things to change, I was making things change. Now I have not really lost much weight but I have regained some rather pleasant curves. 

So as I was knitting my latest green sweater, I love green sweaters, I promised myself that I would only buy more sweater yarn when that one was finished. It took some negotiating with myself but I held firm. My sweater is now ready for the fall to return, so why not place my first WEBS order?

I decided some new tools would also be nice to try. For keeping the sweaters looking nice I bought a Gleener (lower left hand area) to remove pills from my knitting. It looks like a big ol' razor for your sweater. It has three snap on heads, not actual razor blades, which depend on how fine your knitting is. The big end is a lint brush to smooth everything out.

I got a set of Knitter's Pride interchangeable needles, and four sizes of DPNs too. I like the sock size DPNs that I already have from Knitter's Pride so I thought I would upgrade some of my sweater tools too.

How could I resist yarn that is named Chipotle? Even the name makes me feel warmer. It is a nice rusty brown color. My favorite sweater last winter was one I reworked from D's collection. It may not have been the most beautiful or best fitting sweater but it was my warmest and snuggliest. So what is a knitter to do?

Go find more Berroco Peruvia yarn, buy it and knit another warmest and snuggliest sweater. But first I think I'll finish my saddle shoulder sweater, maybe. You know I have new needles I could cast on another sweater right now. And that my darling husband is why I need so many needles. That question was posed to me in a genuinely perplexed manner. We have a friend that thinks you only need two dish towels. Me? I like to have a lot of tools for the job. You can not find the best tool if you don't try them. What? It is a valid theory.

I had heard stories about WEBS orders sometimes taking a while. Something to do with not shipping partial orders and not telling the customer when items are on back order, thus delaying an order. They even have a disclaimer on their site that lets you know your card will not be charged till the order is shipped. As a person that takes forever to make a purchase I was worried when I place the order on Sunday. How long would my order take? When should I start worrying?

I got shipping confirmation Wednesday morning and when I tracked the package it was on a truck for delivery. Oh happy day! A few hours after email notification I was holding a box of knitterly things.

Well done WEBS. My first order was a success.

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