Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A fine line

There is a fine line between Crazy Cat Lady and being a good cat mommy. Me? I don't worry too much about looking crazy, my vet and his staff already know that I am.

When we returned from our visit to South Dakota, my vet requested that he see me before I took Gus home. As I waited a whole set of scenarios ran through my head. What was wrong? Did something happen? How bad was it?

Turns out it was good news. Gus was off his insulin and doing fine. We scheduled a blood test for two weeks to confirm the transition had worked. He was very clear that G may need to go back on the insulin in the future, but for the time being no more shots.

I hesitated to tell you this because I like to know things are really OK before celebrating. We went for the blood test on Monday. On Tuesday he refused food. Sigh. All kinds of food were refused, even Greenies. Greenies are the very best thing in the world according to my boys.

So I called my vet's office at five minutes to closing requesting a call from my vet so I could figure out what we needed to do to make it through the night. They offered to see him, can you imagine? I took a few seconds of indecision on my part, because you know what kind of a weirdo I am. Once I said yes, we're on our way, we were in the car before even I knew.

My anxiety was confirmed when G made hardly a sound on the way over. Usually he yowls his head off going and calms on the way home. He was indeed not feeling well at all.

Our vet has a personality that is beyond value to me. He calmed my fears and treated G's symptoms. We went over the blood work that most likely would have been fine if he had continued eating.

While he is not ravenous, G is eating, a bit here, a bit there. Oh Boy when that package of Greenies comes out, I have his attention.

But he still seems off. Both D and I noticed his walk is very tentative. Almost like his back end does not know how to follow correctly. He looks uncomfortable. It is so hard when your kids can not just tell you what is wrong.

But as one of my friends said, Gus is a tough boy. He is eating, on more meds and resting. He has rallied before he will do it again. At least I hope so.

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