Friday, September 13, 2013

Needs Improvement

G is up and feeling much better. I have a very gross explanation for what was wrong. My super intelligent cat ate part of a plastic bag. I know that is not that gross, weird, but not gross. You want to know gross? Ask me how I know he ate it.

D and I agreed that this would be a no pictures blog post. Some things just can not be unseen.

G and I had a talk about how plastic is not a food. And the best consequence of eating it was being backed up for a time, best consequence.

Since G was feeling better last night, I took myself off the Mommy clock. I tried to get a good night's sleep but forgot to tell G. My treatment plan when G is not eating means that I place food in front of him at all hours. After two nights of Mommy being at his beck and call G thought he had me properly trained.

Last night at three a.m. he decided it was time to eat. Mom, mom? I am hungry now. Mom?! Mommy? Food??

He was quite perplexed when Mommy The Food Delivery Person only gave him pets and snuggles. Those kinds of things do not fill a belly! He did settle down eventually and let me get some rest but I am pretty sure my tip will suffer. Service goes right out the window just when the appetite comes back. That does it I am writing an online review! If I was grading I would say needs improvement, a lot of improvement. 

I hope Gus keeps on improving, I know all the plastic bags are out of Gus' reach now.