Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lovely Lintilla and Gus

I finished my Malachite Lintilla. Luckily Gus was available for the modeling portion of the project. It just goes to show you that all models should not be stick thin. My boy makes my knitting look fabulous! 

Otherwise you would have thought that my shawl just looked like this.

All washed out and blah. I think it may have something to do with the sidewalk. Look it happened to my socks too. All washed out and rather lifeless. I'm looking to take another round of pictures for my socks to see if I can bring them back to life.

No really they are much more beautiful than that.

In other knitting news I am loving knitting on my Color Affection shawl. Soon Gus will be modeling that one for you too. Shh, don't tell him I am going to use it myself. I already gave him my Wingspan shawl, how many shawls does a cat need in 70+ degree weather?

Gus's answer; "One for every place I sleep. Get knitting Mom!"... "I love you Mommy."

He is a smart cat he knows to save his demands for food only.


  1. Ooo, Gus is so handsome in that shawl! I wonder if it's your white balance setting on your camera that's making the colours washed out like that? Or maybe the camera is just bewitched by Gus and his stunning good looks!

    1. My boy does look good in my knitting. Gus says thank you for admiring and commenting.

      I really need to learn more about my camera.