Monday, June 17, 2013

Found them

Remember how disappointed I was that I could not find yarn for my Color Affection (CA) shawl at WEBS? I had such high hopes that I would find the perfect yarn. Remember me coming here and whining to you all that I just could not make a decision, so I bought only sock yarns? 

Yeah, I don't remember that now either since I found my yarn at my local yarn shop. Along with a I-must-have-it skein and a new knitting bag. 

What can I say I am a sucker for a well made knitting bag with knit print and a carabiner.

I received an email from my local yarn shop that they had finally received an order of  madelinetosh, tosh merino light. I had been leaning toward using it for my CA shawl so I popped on into the shop and wow, it was moving fast.

I picked out quite a few skeins and tried playing around with the color combos. I had a blue, green and pink combo each. But as with many things in life that do not work out the way you think they will, I found myself drawn to the combination that occurred in my hands while I was swapping out colors to see which I liked the best. Since I was going for a tonal change of one color, my hands gathered the combo without thinking. I had over thought this project and landed on something I never would have consciously put together.

Whiskers - Grove - Dried Rose
I also tried it with the skein I could not leave behind but I think that one is destined to be its own shawlette. It is pretty but it just does not sing like my accidental pairing above.

Whiskers - Grove - Wilted Rose. 
Don't mind me I am just off to wind up some yarn and find a pattern. Oh needles I need needles too.


  1. Sigh, I love madelinetosh. I joked around once about becoming a distributor for that yarn here in Canada, but man, I wouldn't be able to sell ANY of it.

    Well done on that colour combo. I have said it before and I've said it again: I have no eye for that sort of thing. I never have those happy accidents like you did. I always need lots and lots of reassurance that they'll work!

    1. I don't have a eye for color either, I was going to ask someone at the yarn store to help me make the final decision.

      But sometimes you just know when you like something and I just knew this time. The other ones I picked out were just monotone. I like burgundy and green together, they were my wedding colors. And with the light one being called whiskers, I did not really choose the yarn, the yarn chose me.