Friday, June 21, 2013

Vacation Yarn

I have not yet shown off my yarn acquisitions from vacation land. First tip for finding vacation yarn is to have a lovely and patient husband that books you into a B&B that is run by a fellow knitter. D as always you're awesome. 

Each day Margo would send us off to see some beaches (those you've already seen) and directions to a yarn store that was mostly on the way. We did detour a tad for the first one but then again is it really a detour when you're out for a nice drive along the coast?

First up we have a lovely soon-to-be-a-sock yarn: Manos Del Uruguay Alegria in the Pindo colorway. Look at those colors. It is amazing to me how I've learned to appreciate colors so much more now as a knitter. It certainly does help when they're mixed with other colors that you love. The clerk say these colors remind her of irises, and it clicked as to why I would pick this one, I love irises. 

The second one is a DK weight, I know it is out of my normal sockiness but what a lovely hat it will make. Madelinetosh tosh DK in the Ophelia colorway. Can you guess what color I was wearing that day? Purple would be correct.

My new first day lovelies were brought to you via A Loom with a View. While it was not the largest yarn store I've ever been in, they had some lovely yarns. The sales lady was very nice and showed me versions of several shawls I was interested in making. I just wish I had thought to buy the pattern for Leftie there, who knows if they even sell it? See I am more of a book buyer, I rarely think to buy a single pattern. I sure do see myself knitting Leftie up, I am on a garter stitch shawl kick. My Color Affection shawl is moving right along. 

On the next day we were directed North to York Maine, again along the lovely coastline. If D wants beaches I try to give him beaches. The Yarn Sellar was quite a bit bigger with a class going on. The class members were happy to have D sit down at the large table with them. He got a few offers to teach him to knit too. He did try it once or twice when I first started knitting, to see what I had fallen in love with but it seems I got all the knitting mojo in the family. He certainly knows how to appreciate the heck out of the things I knit for him though. 

I found a ball of my beloved Zauberball. This time with "crazy" in front of it, which I think means it is a two ply that stripes a tad differently than what I am used to. Can you believe that I resisted casting this on while we were on vacation? With new needles in my possession too? I am a rock of will power.

The green yarn is from the shop owner's Triple G Farm. It is 250 yards of sport weight also dyed by her. I forgot to write down the sheep breed, but I think it was Romney since I told them about people asking where the Obama yarn was at a yarn festival. If Mitt had Romney wool didn't that mean that Barack had Obama wool?

I try to find local yarn to buy when I am traveling but sometimes it is harder than others. It is so convenient for me when you own a farm and a yarn store.

I finally found Lavishea lotion to try. I hear this advertised on podcasts from time to time and wanted to see how a lotion bar worked. The backs of my hands get so dry that they crack, so anything I can find to help in the middle of winter is a winner. Plus it is handy to have close to my knitting and not have to worry about gooping up my yarn.

In case you happen to be driving up the coast of Maine, you may want to look for this sign. I tell you I can spot a yarn store from twenty paces (sometimes).

D loved the huge knitting needles outside the store. But laughed when they showed him the desperation needles that were carved out of tree branches when the knitter had a lace pattern appear in her head while on a camping trip. I can neither confirm nor deny the word firewood, being tossed out there.

So I came home with seven new projects worth of yarn. I have a very understanding and happy husband don't I?

You know the funny thing is I don't like taking pictures inside yarn stores. It always feels like an invasion of privacy or something. Yet I almost always look up potential yarn stores on the internet and hope they have pictures of the store. I am so very complicated, I guess that is why I like the very uncomplicated plain socks that I knit.

I am still resisting casting on that Zauberball. A tower of strength I tell you!


  1. Oh wow, a b&b with a knitter as an owner with a farm? Heaven! What a perfect vacation you've had.

    I don't always take photos while I'm in a yarn store either. Sometimes I ask if it's ok, but I mostly chicken out. I'm sure many people don't mind, but you never know.

    1. Sorry I was not clear, the B&B owner is a knitter, the owner of one of the shops she recommended had their own farm. It was quite a nice vacation, I would really like to go back.

      What is it about taking pictures inside a yarn store? I've never been yelled at, or even been asked not to do it. Yet I really feel it is wrong for me. Guess we're just complicated.