Friday, June 28, 2013

It is CSA time again

Oh our veggies have started to reappear. I could not be happier to have fresh from the farm produce again.

We've had a couple of stir fries and salads. But they were eaten before I could get my camera out to show off our bounty. Some of the fun is just throwing things in the pan for stir fry and seeing what we get. Last week's lesson was that beet greens will turn your stir fry reddish. But you probably knew that.

I have learned to "preserve" the dill with sour cream. Which makes a nice dip for the scallions. In the past I've struggled to use things I am unfamiliar with or have a bit too much of. Herbs are great but what do you really do with them? Well now I am finding out. Although cilantro is a bit of a challenge still. Wait, I think my falafel recipe calls for cilantro. You all know how much I love falafel now, well at least D knows now. It is one of my go to desperation dinners now. I usually have a can of chickpeas in the pantry.

So in the spring we usually get garlic scapes, lettuce, herbs, various greens like beet greens, radishes and kohlrabi. Radishes are something I used to love to eat but now find way too harsh. Kohlrabi on the other hand has become a favorite of mine. D is not as enthusiastic, but that just means more for me.

I'll try to get a picture next week but it could take a couple of weeks for my excitement to wear down. I do love the CSA so.


  1. I use cilantro for my favourite spiced chicken leg recipe. I'll email it to you, if you want it!

    1. Yes please, we've loved every recipe you've sent so far. Time to add a new one to the box.