Saturday, May 25, 2013

On the way

Did I ever tell you how great my Hubby is? We took a road trip recently and he let me detour...

I have been to WEBS now. He even sat patiently while I roamed and roamed. He reports that they have comfortable chairs and interesting magazines. You know for the non-yarn inclined.

You will notice that I carefully took the picture so no one's license plate is revealed. I would not want to be the reason a fellow knitter was revealed on an unauthorized WEBS trip. Because you know there are so many husbands that read my blog trying to find just that data. D questions if I really tried to avoid taking a picture of the license plates. It is true I don't like pictures with plates in them for some reason.

I came to the conclusion that sheep and wool festivals have ruined me. In an ever so pleasant way but I am ruined nonetheless. I was under the mistaken belief that everything that was on their website I would be able to find at the physical store.  Don't worry I managed to find some lovely items to bring home.

I now have no excuses not to knit my hand spun since I found a wraps per inch measuring device. I found a lovely "pretty cheep" bag that will contain projects bigger than socks but smaller than sweaters, i.e. shawls. I will be trying out two Valley Yarns; Huntington for D in navy blue and Franklin for me in Kangaroo dyed color. I managed to wrestle a skein of madelinetosh sock into my ownership too. It was my first time seeing the sock yarn in person. I resisted the madelinetosh light section as I could not choose the colors for my Color Affection shawl.  Choosing the color combo is going to be more difficult than I thought. I may just need to call in Kisknit to help me.

My new button says "Life's too short for plain white socks." Which is totally true in my case. Occasionally D has to wear his plain socks but I'm still building his hand knit sock stash. The plain white ones can be worn when he is mowing the yard or something dangerous like that.

D was a tad disappointed in me since I bought carbon fiber knitting needles. You all know my love of wooden needles and I had stated in the past that carbon was not anything that I needed. Which would still be the case if the market held the $45 price tag that they started with. Knitter's Pride just came out with Karbonz at a much lower price. I know how to justify the worth of a tool but somethings are still good enough. I drive a Ford not a Ferrari. And so does my knitting.

I am itching to get some new things on the needles but first I am so close to finishing a shawlette. It would totally give me the stink eye if I did not work on it. So very close.

So while I may not be planning any trips to WEBS for my knitting group, I will be stalking their website for things I might like. Their Valley Yarns seem to be quite a bargain and many of the yarns may be discounted when you buy enough. Let's face it we all know I will buy enough.


  1. It is one of my goals to go to WEBS. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to go!

    1. It was fun but I did limit myself to only two hours. I feel like I saw enough.