Friday, May 31, 2013

By the seashore

We spent our vacation in Portsmouth New Hampshire. D really wanted to go to some beaches. I did pack his swimming trunks but May in New England can still be chilly.

We found a wee beach to stop at and found these stacks of rocks quite mesmerizing. Anyone know anything about the phenomenon? Where and when did it come about? 

I can tell you it is much more difficult than you think it is. Here is my pathetic four rock stack.

We saw Cowboy Dave's camper there too. Apparently he carves walking sticks and is just like a camel, always humping to please. Yeah, I don't want to spent too much time thinking about what that means either.

He did give us a cheerful honk when we passed him later in the day. It is nice to see someone be friendly. I still think it should read YEE-HAW, that's how we spell it in my neck of the woods, which is to say the plains.

I'm not sure if D is ever happier than when he is next to the sea.

We drove farther down the coast on US 1 and found a little picnic area. We watched a boat race in trying to beat a quick moving storm. We were lucky enough to enjoy the downpour from under the pavilion roof.

We had a nice picnic lunch on North Hampton Beach after the storm. D was chilled but happy. (It was a two hoodie day.) I am ever so thankful that I brought my Holden shawl to wrap around my neck. I ended up being not quite as cold as D which is a big switch for us.

This guy is Vinnie he kept scaring off the other sea gulls in order to be the only seagull to get our crumbs. Vinnie is a bad bird. So I gave a piece of bread to Lennie who was perpetually shooed away. I always root for the underbird don't you know. Been that way since we lived on the farm. I an animal had a face only a mother could love; I was that mother.

Good news is that we did not get sunburned and the beaches were not crowded. Always look on the bright side of life!

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