Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm thinking...

I would say that I cast on a new sock once I finished the Porcupine Socks, but I didn't. This sock was already on the needles because sometimes I just cast things on with abandon. 

I love it but I don't. I like stripey socks, especially ones that don't stripe in a perfectly straight line. You know something like these.

But if you will consider that first photo again you can see how the striping changes as you get closer to the needles. Instead of striping it is now pooling or flashing, as we knitters call it. Most of the time I like yarns that do that too, but in the same sock? Yikes.

So what to do? You know, other than cast on another sock and ignore the problem by knitting on something else. Because I'm already doing that don't ya know? (D will be getting another nice dark grey toe up plain sock sometime soon.)

I am mulling over ripping back to the cuff and finding a nice pattern that will mesh well with the colors. Oh maybe Mockery Socks would play nice with the patterning, yet keep it in line?

I'm still working on it, but don't worry about me I have plenty of other things here to keep my hands busy in the mean time.

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