Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I've been working on the lovely Lintilla for a bit now. Last weekend I thought I was done, mostly because I ran out of yarn.  I bound off and tried to live with having one pointy tip and one not pointy tip. I could only live with it for a couple of hours. I frogged back a tad and tried again. Man, that yarn runs out quickly when you don't want it to. I was able to achieve slightly longer not pointy tip. 

Gus wanted a little camera time too.

So I let it sit for a day, I think...pointy and not pointy really don't work for me. I am a very symmetrical person. I think I developed a twitch that day. I tried wrapping it a couple of ways but in the end it was too much for me.

So back into the frog pond with us. Rip it, rip it. I shortened the main portion by two rows. I hope it will be enough. So far, so good this time.

Anything not working out the way it is supposed to in your world right now?

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