Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lucky Socks

It is official Adriene sent me lucky sock yarn! I think they increased in luck once I knit them too.

As you will recall, Adriene and I swapped some knitterlyness last year. I was knitting the socks when we went to our first trivia night at the Legion. We won first place and a dollar on a lotto ticket.

Last night I thought "Adriene" might want to go for trivia again. We all know Adriene would rock trivia night.

We came in second by one point, but we won $19 in lotto tickets. Hmm I wonder what I could buy with it? D looks like he could use some fro-yo, don't ya think?

Adriene you want any special topping or a certain flavor in your honor? I am leaning towards salted caramel myself.

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