Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ringing endorsement

Lucky, lucky D is being inundated with questions from me. What was it like? How were the bathrooms? Did you like the seats? What yarn was she using?

I threw you all with that last question, didn't I. D went to Boston for a conference and he decided to try out the train system, rather than driving or flying. He said some things are very different. The restrooms are reportedly three times the size of airplane restrooms. I told him that was not as impressive as he thinks it is. It would be very hard not to improve on an airplane restroom. Don't get me wrong I am very happy they're there!

The seats however, were quite a step up, roomy and reclining in such a way that you're not in someone's lap. He enjoyed the feeling of having personal space while traveling. 

There was no safely announcement or seat belts which he found a tad disorienting. We're so used to doing certain things when we travel in a metallic tube. He did note you have to be on board only two minutes prior to departure. I got to watch his journey start, like in the old days. We came from a small airport, back in our college days, you could watch planes from the time you kissed goodbye to the time they were airborne. 

D texted me from the train as they were leaving, he was seated next to a sock knitter working with four DPNs. I asked what yarn and the reply was pink. How can you not love that? They had a nice conversation in spite of the fact that she did not know what Rhinebeck is. I'm guessing she is a knitter not a knitter, you know the yarn obsessed kind of us?

Oh, I forgot to tell you I amazed the gent working the security door for D's return trip. The train was early but I did not know it, so I settled myself in for a bit of knitting time. Then I heard an announcement about D's train that lead me to believe that the train was already at the station. I wandered off to look for him, but alas he was not in sight, so I went back to the gate guy to ask if it was indeed the Boston train sitting out there. Before I could ask, he looked at me in amazement (He had watched me knit while I walked) and said you don't even need to look! I assured him I was experienced enough to do just that. I do so enjoy amazing people with my sticks and string.

So it looks like we will indeed be going on a train trip this year! Wahoo!


  1. SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT RHINEBECK WAS? Sorry for shouting, but man, that seems... unreal.

    And the security guy will never be the same man again after watching your knitting, I'm sure of it. :)

    1. I Know! How do you not know what Rhinebeck is?

      D thought she was an old school knitter. You know, had knit for many decades but didn't really know about the knitting community, online or otherwise.

      It almost makes me want to track her down and tell her about Rhinebeck and Ravelry. (I wouldn't do that though. She is happy knitting for her grandkids.)