Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not stash

I had my lesson on sweater construction the other day at my local yarn store. It was fabulous remind me to tell you why. But first look what they still had on their shelf for me to buy.

A Schoppel Zauberball

There is just something about this yarn that makes me not be the knitter that I think I am. I don't like single ply sock yarns. This is the only one that I can stand and even enjoy working with. 

I really hate orange, but not this color it looks like fire embers. I'm trying to knit from the stash. This was not even in the house for 15 minutes before I cast it on. OK fine it was here for an hour, I had to make dinner but still it jumped on the needles.

I think the color changes are mesmerizing. I've been on the hunt for another ball for a while now and I think I bought the last ball at my store. You can call it destiny if you like.

The other socks that I made from it are holding up well and I enjoyed knitting them. I do feel weird when I wear them with certain shoes because one shoe shows green and the other shows black. But all I have to do is lift the pant leg to show off how they're the same socks, just in different areas.

Ok it does make me feel like a bit of a rebel, letting people think I'm wearing mismatched socks. Yeah Yarnkettle the rebel, sometimes I even put the milk in my tea after I pour the tea in, scandalous, I know!


  1. I'm not an orange person either, but that's really pretty!

  2. I like the new look of the blog!

    We were just having a conversation about single-ply sock yarns, and I was of the opinion that they wouldn't hold up as well, but you've just proved that theory wrong! Is there nylon in Zauberballs?

    1. Thanks!

      I must admit this is the only single ply sock yarn I like. I think it may be slightly fulled, because it does not split like other single ply's. Yes it has 25% nylon content.

      Mostly I love the color changes, they amuse me to no end.