Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I need more adjectives

Bouncy, plump, smooshy and sproingy, OK I admit I made that last one up. But really these are all the words going through my mind as I knit one of my swap yarns into socks. You remember the yarn swap don't you?

I chose the Spellbound colorway in the Smooshy Sock base from Dragonfly Dyewerx. And yes it is holding me spellbound. I think it is the orange bits that keep me knitting along. Well that and the afore mentioned adjectives used to describe how nice this feels running through my hands. This contrast with the project right before was astounding. That one was a rugged, rustic yarn that I loved for not coddling me. This one is the opposite, it could only coddle me more by bringing me tea and tucking me into bed.

Now I struggled with was to do with my special swap yarn. I wanted to make something breathtaking and one of a kind. But I settled instead on the thing that makes me the happiest, plain socks that fit well. Socks knit in a fabric that shows off the yarn coloring but does not distract from it.

In my heart of hearts, I feel many times, less is more. What can be more beautiful than a humble sock to place upon my grateful feet?

Oh yeah, humble socks with a touch of cashmere, you're right!

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