Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finding - Another Story

You know when I went to write that last post I named it Finding Day but then for the life of me could not remember what else I had found that day. You know besides the pattern that started the search?

So I gave up and told my story. Then a few days later it came to me. How could I forget about it?

I am an Anglophile. See I am such and Anglophile that I even know that I am one and a specific word exists. An Anglophile is a person who is fond of or greatly admires England or Britain. Now if you've been to Montreal you know what a Francophile is so you may have been ahead of my learning curve.

Long ago before I ever believed that I would ever travel to England, I worked at a job where I met a friendly and true Englishman. Yes he even had an accent. He was a sweet guy that didn't mind entertaining the South Dakota farm girl that I turned into each time he was around. I've been in love with England since I was a child so that is the age I revert to at times. Texas was as exotic a place as I could imagine traveling to, but to see England, a girl could only dream of visiting England!

One day I was talking to the Englishman and said I've never understood English currency. I understand Pound but what the heck is a Farthing or Half Crown? He went home and wrote me a note explaining it all.

A Farthing is 1/4 penny and a Half Crown is 2 Shillings and Sixpence. A Shilling is 12 Pennies or Pence. So a Half Crown is 30 Pence. (Somebody want to check my math on that one?)

His first note was that this rate was before 1960-1970, he could not remember the actual year because he left England in 1945. I'm guessing shortly after WWII ended. I could have talked with this man forever I think sometimes. Any one else have the urge to make tea and scones?

He also included modern currency. 10 Pence may now be the Shilling. The other smaller fraction of pence coins have vanished. Heck, Canada just got rid of their Penny, so you can see how the very small coins did not make it in England. Just try to buy something with a Farthing. Oh wait wouldn't it be worth a bit more now for the collectors?

I came home and proudly showed the note directly from an Englishman to Hubby. While he was happy for me, he is not an Anglophile. I proceeded to tuck it away safley in a notebook. In fact I thought it was in the notebook our England trip was planned in. But after seeing it once or twice more I realized somehow I had lost it.

Well in my search for a pattern I found the pattern and two special items I hope to never lose again.


  1. I lived in the United Kingdom for six years before I moved to my current location. England is one of my most favourite places in the world. One of these days, we will escape to the English countryside and eat scones and visit sheep farms, shall we?

    1. Yes please! Your post about staying in the lake district really, no really, made me want to go there.

      Imagine all the yarn we would encourage each other to buy. Shh don't do that it might frighten my husband.