Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finding - A Story

I have been bummed. When we went camping last May I over packed my knitting. Really over packed, my poor bag had way too many projects stuffed in! (Remind me of this when I go to pack for the train trip, please.)

I thought my over packing caused me to lose one of my most important knitting tools, my tool kit.  

It was a kit I had made for myself using ideas I had collected from Ravelry. The first idea was to use an empty glasses case as your tool box. Great I thought, I have plenty of them since I've worn glasses for a few years now. I found my nicest one with an additional flap for sunglass storage. Which allows me to hide stuff in the lid. I found my favorite Swiss Army Knife, with a pen tip in it, that some kind soul had given me. I bought a small flashlight. My caseless tape measure went in too. Stitch markers galore, a couple of my Pony needles, and a tiny crochet hook completed my purchased knitter's fare. 

I also keep a few lengths of sock yarn to be used as life lines if I need them. And a few plastic tabs off bread bags work great as free yarn bobbins. 

Yep, my tool kit was fully equipped and very useful to me. I could measure, pickup stitches, cut yarn, keep track of my place and just about anything else I wanted with that little case of handiness. 

Then when we returned from camping it went missing. I was pretty sure that I had seen it at home after we returned. But days turned to weeks, and finally months with no sign of it. It must have fallen out at the campground when we were packing up. I was even planning to convince Hubby to go to the same campground this year, just so we could ask if they found it. It is a nice campground and I definitely want to go back but that was my primary reason for wanting to go.

Finally I realized I was not the knitter I once was, and put together another kit. Another flashlight, but it seemed dimmer. I bought a Swiss Army Knife in hot red, but it did not have a pen tip and was not a gift from a kind soul. Luckily I had bought two sets of Pony needles, but even they could not bind the kit together. 

It was a good kit but not my special kit. And I was sad that I had lost something I didn't even know was important to me. Then I felt silly for feeling sad about it. So I moved on.

One Sunday, I was looking for my German Stocking pattern. It would not be found, I could just make another copy but I knew I had seen it just recently. I was moving yarn, fiber and half knit things, where could it be?

I searched a bag that I occasionally use for knitting, the pattern was not there, but you know what was tucked in the pocket that I would never use?

My original knit tool box is back!

I am so happy!

Sometimes it is the small things in life that bring us the most joy. 


  1. That is a wonderful story. It put a big smile on my face. :)

  2. I kind of would like to know what the campground ranger's face looked like when you asked if had seen your knitting kit from a year ago. I think you could probably hear his eyes roll :)