Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chez Ballz

What else do you name your last minute trivia team? Friday night we went to our first trivia night at the American Legion.

We love trivia. One of the first board games we got after we were married was Trivia Pursuit. The other one was Monopoly, I still don't understand how we survived as a married couple after playing Monopoly that first married year. (We talk about playing every so often but I'm a sore loser and I always lose at Monopoly. My poor bruised ego can not take it.)

When we play Trivia Pursuit now it is a bit more challenging. We never upgraded our original Trivia Pursuit game. Now when we play it is more difficult because we need to backdate our answers. Yes, we need to go back a good 15-20 years on that edition. And you thought Trivia Pursuit was hard enough without the time warp adjustment.

So how did we do on our first trivia night? Much to our shock we got a perfect score on the first round, which got us a $1 winning lottery ticket. The quiz master was quick to point out we were the only group that was multitasking, sock knitting and trivia just go together for me. Hey I was even knitting on my Dragonfly Swap Socks, it's a bit like Adriene went with us. (Adriene you want to help us out with the answers a bit more next time?)

We did end up winning for the evening. We are the new champions till the 27th. Plus I got to chalk off two more things on my I want to try list. I've never won lotto tickets before or participated in a trivia night. It was quite fun. We're planning to defend our title too. We'll see if we can be champions for a month.


  1. I rock at trivia. Useless info gathering... I am all about that!

    1. You know you're on the team if you're ever in town. Of course in your honor we would have to add another z to the name, Chez Ballzz. Yeah I don't know what I am talking about either.