Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sending yarn away

Do you remember this yarn? It barely had time to meet my stash before it was sent away. 

No it did not do anything wrong. Let me tell you the story. This yarn is totally out of character for me. I profess to hate yellow and orange, yet I bought a yellowy-orange skein. I wish I had taken pictures while it was on the stash basket, you would have seen how odd it looked.

Now don't get me wrong for all my professed hatred of the color combination I really like the yarn. No really I did. I bought it on a blustery winter day and all I could think was how cheerful it was and how awesome the socks would be. I would smile to myself when looking at it sitting like a giant oddball on my stash and think I may need to knit that sooner rather than later.

But then we had knitting group at my house and the lady that has come through so many times for my boys said "Oooo look at that one, where did you get that one?"

I am a bit dense because it took me a while to think there was a reason I bought something I would not usually buy. I bought it for my boys Auntie, I just did not know it when I did it.

Happy trails Yellowy-orange yarn, you'll even match the cat in that house. Sort of.

Gus says, Auntie tell Mom to give me some treats!


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    1. Aww, you wound me.
      It really is more her color don't you think?