Sunday, January 27, 2013


Let's talk about contrast in yarns shall we? As you know I usually have several projects on the needles at the same times. (It is also how I read so I guess it is normal for me.) I like socks so it tends to be a lot of socks in various stages. Turning a heel on this one, cuff ribbing on that one, and somewhere on the foot of that one. I know where I am on the sock I don't get confused, trust me I've made a few!

The yarns may be different colors but they tend to be similar weight and texture. I mean wool feels like wool, right? Not always. 

I have learned to appreciate crunchy, bold wool. A lifetime spent running around outside barefoot allows you to tolerate what your pampered chin and neck will not. I am all for keeping my little ice blocks (feet) toasty. That yarn sometimes comes from the sheep that know cold, Icelandic and Scottish (Cheviot) sheep. 

This sock is from Cheviot sheep. It is crunchy, rustic and I expect great things from these socks. Toasty toes with a implied durability. Softer yarn can be more delicate. 

These have been fun because you know you're knitting with Wool, insert manly grunt here. This is wool I can trust on a hike or camping trip. This is farm girl wool! (I did buy it from a farm girl too!)

In contrast I am knitting myself some mittens. An arctic blast of cold sweeping the country will do that to you. While these will see quite a bit of use, I will not trudge through the woods directly on them. These babies will protect my hands from the ohh so cold steering wheel. Arctic blast remember? And for that task I chose a wool, cashmere nylon blend. It is not much cashmere but it is enough to make me know what heaven will feel like. 

So what I am saying is, what a difference between these two wools, yet I find utter contentment in both of them. I can appreciate them both for different reasons. It has been especially interesting switching between the two also. My own texture game.

Now I'm thinking a new sweater would be nice too. I have some nice rustic crunchy wool in need of some knitting.


  1. Interesting! I actually knit a pair of mittens recently with some crunchy WOOL, and I thought that was pretty good because my mittens take a real beating and need to be as durable as heck. And I was thinking that maybe my feet deserve a nice, soft pair of socks... contrasts abound!

    1. Well let's see, you're out in the Canadian winter with a dog leash in your hand, sounds a bit tougher than my driving to work.

      And I wear my woolie socks all the time and you want something nice to pamper your feet when you finally put them up.

      Yep sounds like quite a contrast and both perfectly acceptable. (Not that you needed my permission.)

  2. I'm planning on some crunchy Romney socks this year :-). Still trying to decide my pattern and thickness.