Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Finished Number Two

I finally have evidence that two of three (sounds like a Borg name, right?) is done, done, done. I was so happy that I saved them for their inaugural wearing for my knitting group last Saturday. Silly me I did not point out that they were new. I make so many socks even I don't know how new some are, you can not blame a room full of knitters for not noticing.

I thought I had started these on our camping trip back in May, but I started them just after that, in June. See what I mean about old project cleanup? I know they went back to South Dakota with us in July because I have never been so happy to have Ravelry then. My knitting journal was home, I don't travel with it amazingly, and I wanted to know something about how I made the heel, which it turned out I had noted on Ravelry. There was much rejoicing (but only by me).

Now on to the details. The pattern is Stepping Stones by Clara Parkes. I will admit to changing up many things. The pattern is written for DK weight yarn, which is quite a bit thicker than the sock yarn I used. The pattern was written to get people into sock making and it is quite a leap to go down in yarn and needle size to what is normal for me, hence it being written for bigger yarn and needles. I know for most fingering weight yarns my stitch count should be around 80. The pattern was a 6 stitch repeat so I ended up using 78 stitches for my thinner version.

Part of the reason these were in time out was the heel, I don't remember why but I know a normal heel for me is 40 stitches and I used 36 in this case. The original pattern also has two bands of the leg pattern continue down the foot but I knit it plain, as my mind would not refigure where they should go. Sometimes simple is better.

The yarn is a local dyer Periwinkle Sheep, I think the color name is Pond Scum but the label went missing so I may be wrong. It is a nice grey green mix of colors. In keeping with our psychic link, I do believe that Kisknit also bought the colorway. But she bought it as a manly color for her husband, and I kept it all to myself. See what selfish knitting gets you? Socks!

Speaking of socks D does have two more socks on the needles now. Lucky guy I guess it is true bragging about your socks will get the knitter to make more for you.


  1. I did notice your socks on Saturday, but did not realize they were new. I'm a horrible knitting friend.

    1. No you're not! You're an awesome knitting friend. It is hard to tell what is new and what is not at my house. I'm just happy you could make it!

  2. D is a lucky, lucky man!

    Maybe I need to knit a pair of socks in DK to get me started. My feet have been really cold this winter. I'm thinking I deserve a pair of merino/cashmere/nylon socks!

    1. Your feet will thank you for it! It is only one pair in thicker weight yarn. Go for it!