Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More proof

Here is more proof that I truly love my husband. He has more socks on the needles than I do. Well no really they're still mine while they're on the needles but the finished objects will be his. 

First we have a bit more than a cuff on the first of these navy blue ones. You know the weird thing that I have figured out about my knitting? I can only handle ribbing for around 2 inches at a time. Most of D's previous socks had 3-4 inches of ribbing then right into the heel flap. Now I just make a longer foot on my style sock, two inches of ribbing with 3-4 inches of plain stockinette before the heel. I love stockinette going round and round like nobody's business. I have to be careful that I have enough yarn though, or else we're going to have to start dipping into the leftover balls of yarn, and coming up with some interesting toes. Aww heck that will just make him laugh.

What is that you say this one is still in the same condition it was weeks ago? Yep a saucy pair of mittens lured me away for my get-them-done projects. Well that and finishing two of three. Nothing like a sense of accomplishment and cold hands to woo a knitter. They'll get done I promise. What's that? A nice warm sweater does sound tempting now. No I must finish the mittens first, no I meant the green socks first...

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