Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh the startitis

I think the knitting monogamy has started to get to me. Don't get me wrong, I am making good progress on the three nagging projects I've felt hanging over my head for some time. But now I want to knit new things. Arrrgh, the monogamy. Now I understand why polygamists are always getting new wives. (No I really don't!)

So let's plan my year a bit shall we. As you all know my "plans" are always subject to my whims so don't expect to see too much to fruition.

I have several very nice sock books that I would like to make some things from, this year I am going to make six pairs from the books I already have. Oooo maybe I can make myself some bi-monthly sock clubs. You know make a working copy of the pattern, match up some lovely stash yarn, and instant sock kit. Of course that just means I lose that part of the planning when I get to it. I think I'll risk it.

Oh, I need to look at some sweater patterns too. I have about three sweaters sitting in my stash unknit, well one of them is partially knit but I've mentally frogged that one, so it is back to its yarny state, in my mind at least. And I just received that new sweater book for Christmas. Set in sleeves I want to make one with set in sleeves! I can already feel myself growing as a knitter.

I bought some nifty shawl patterns a while back. I started one, but I think I should use a bigger needle, but then the monogamy projects took over, I could always go back to a nice shawl soon. Since I have the shawl that-didn't-want-to-go-to-a-wedding finally is coming down the home stretch. 

I have a bag of lovely worsted weight Malabrigo that is never going to be a sweater, that I'm slowly knitting into accessories. I could make a few more hats or cowls or mitts. I think my Mom and sister could use some winter wear, while we're still experiencing winter, don't you?

Well this dreaming/planning should last me for a little longer, I may need to bind something off soon though. The second sock syndrome, doubled may be hitting me a wee bit hard. No really I'm fine, just hand me my needles, and a good book.



  1. Set in sleeves, yes!

    I've been knitting a sweater in secret... it's for one fo the few knitworthy friends I have who will pay me fairly for my time. And, since that one has been a secret project, I've had to have another with me for when I'm around other people, and that was hard for me. Knitting monogamy is a tough thing to break!

    1. Your knitting monogamy amazes me. I am so happy it works for you, but I don't think I'll ever be happy that way.
      It must be tough knitting in secret.