Saturday, December 8, 2012

Time off?

Our furnace went kaput, so I was forced to take a day off to have a new one installed. Woe is me forced to take a day off and putter around the house with my kitties. (And two strange men?)

Tell me, do you do the same thing I do in anticipation of a day off? I mentally make lists of all the things I could do that day. Since this day I had to stay at home, I thought of baking muffins, writing a blog post, maybe making cookies, making a really nice dinner, writing my paper for ASL class, registering for my next ASL class, paying bills, and a little knitting. The list kept growing and growing.

Then a thought occurred to me, a day off is not like a two for one sale, I was only taking eight hours off not sixteen. The day was so filled with possibilities that it was overstuffed with them. There was no way I would be able to do everything and not want to call into work sick the next day from exhaustion.

So some things were cut, but I did not sacrifice kitty comfort time, my two guys were glued to me while the furnace men did their job downstairs. While I worked in the kitchen they stayed there to have breakfast. When I moved to the couch to knit and watch a show, they came with me. All three of us stretched out on the couch.

So all in all it was a good day. I now have a furnace that does not wake me up at night with its banging. The installers enjoyed some fresh baked muffins, and so did Hubby and I for the rest of the week. I had some nice time with my knitting and my cats. My ASL paper got written. And chicken enchiladas qualify as a nice dinner right?

Now if I could just get my Christmas shopping started!

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