Sunday, December 16, 2012


I can certainly tell the end of the year is upon us. My ASL class wraps up next week and I need to write a paper by Tuesday. I choose of course to write a blog post instead, because they are sorely lacking lately too. My knitting however is still moving along and I am truly thankful for it since it keeps me sane.

I have not even begun to Christmas shop, unless you count the new furnace downstairs. But I don't. Not even started how did that happen?

Gus and Jack went in for their yearly check up and we're fine now. Except that Jack vomited two days after the appointment and lucky me found a worm in it. I guess Gus was getting all the attention and Jack had to do something drastic. So that was a fun trip back to the vet's office to pick up meds with a frozen worm in a baggie on the seat next to me.

Friday night was my company Christmas party and poor G went back to the vet's for boarding. I don't think he thinks that was much of a Christmas present either. I'm sure he will be leaving a very special "gift" for me in my shoe. "Take that Mom!"

Laundry is slowly being converted from dirty to clean down stairs and I really want to make some cookies but alas too many other things to do.

Life is good when these are the most pressing problems that I have. I think maybe I should go pray for more peace and understanding too.


  1. Aw man, worms... poor Jack. And poor Gus. Rascal is going to stay with friends of ours for the holidays because he's not so good at traveling anymore, but I always feel bad leaving him. It's been hectic around here, too. I say we treat ourselves to some early nights this week!

    1. It is so hard to leave the furry kids behind, isn't it? They seem to be on the road to recovery.
      I hope Rascal has a good time with your friends, but not too good of a time.