Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hat head

I can tell you that my new winter hat worked pretty well when the snow hit today. It survived shoveling and walking behind the snow thrower. The snow thrower has the added danger of snow blowback. Which we all know is a tough challenge for a hat. 

This is my rendition of Hannah Fettig's Early Morning Beret, made out of Malabrigo worsted yarn. You don't have to tell me it does not much look like a beret but it fits me better than any other hat I've made, all three of the others. Now you know why I don't like making hats. Bear with me I am trying to get better. My first socks don't fit like the ones I make now either.

Looks like she reworked the pattern and it is now available in three gauges. Mine is the worsted but you know how much of a tight sock knitter I am? It transfers to my other knitting too so I don't think this is quite the intended design. But again I like it, so as long as I am happy it is all good right?

I finally gave in and took some less than stellar photos of things I have been longing to show you. So if you will forgive the lack of pizzazz the blogging will continue, most likely tomorrow

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