Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well who would have thought?

When you actually knit on things they show progress. I now have two finished first socks and two starts of second socks. Looks like I can stick to a goal once in a while. Especially when I'm not writing papers for my ASL class. 

Now normally I am against knitting deadlines, knitting is happy fun time, not a time to inflict stress upon oneself. But really this is not a deadline, but a goal to finish somethings before I allow myself to be distracted by the pretty yarn. I like having new things and giving D new things too. That is really my knitting goal. I like learning new things but really I'm in it for the stuff I can make.

I do believe there is a shawl quaking on the needles, over in the time out corner. It is thinking "Crap I am next on the list!"

So January will be a month of accomplishments not things holding me back. I kinda like that feeling, you know what I mean?

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