Thursday, December 20, 2012

Deep Breaths

This week I was forced to acknowledge again that I am not a good writer. I've been writing papers for my ASL class and the final paper kicked my butt. Only three pages long and I still struggled with it. Struggled might be an understatement, we may have gone out behind the woodshed. (That is where the whuppings take place.)

What can I say I have a one track monosyllable mind. I figure if I can't say it in a page or two, it is just me blabbering on. Once I get my main thought(s) out there I have a hard time thinking of anything else to say. 

Anyways that is over and what is done, is done. I can tell you that I missed my blog. It is so nice to sit down and just talk and think about knitting. Not what am I trying to say and how to say it. Yarn heals all wounds. 

So tomorrow is the shortest day of the year and my photography can prove it. I have some things to show you, but no pictures so I'll save it for another day. 

D and I have given the gift of special time with each other. We have spent it over a cribbage board learning to play. The first game I skunked him, but we had a few thing to learn about scoring points. Once we straightened that out, D has taken over the lead, and we've started keeping track of who has one the most games. Hmm I wonder how that started? I noticed my win peg is still set to zero. I contend the a the first game counted since we were both working under the same scoring system. We may be scoring differently from the later games but we were not scoring my hands differently from his hands. 

Well honestly it does not matter, it is not like who does the dishes is riding on the outcome. I do know that I am enjoying our time together, now if we just had some cookies.

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