Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yikes a hole!

Recently D and I were sitting home one night talking when he stopped mid sentence and started feeling around on his sock. You know his favorite socks? Well he does have two favorite pairs, but still. Then he said the dreaded phrase, uh-oh I have a hole.

Makes a knitter's heart skip a beat. The weird thing? It was not on the sole where holes normally form, but on the top of the heel, right above where the stronger, more protective heel stitches start. And it is worn through, this is not a snag or snipped thread. The fibers are much thinner here and the hole takes up about four rows of work. There is no simple grafting things back together. 

Sigh, how do I fix this for him? One of his favorite pairs of socks!

Go stash diving for a similar funky colored yarn and knit new socks!

I knew there was a reason I bought this yarn while we were home in South Dakota, I just thought it was to make socks for me. Of course that is what I thought about the other yarn too. D loved the color so much that I just had to make them for him. And wow he has enjoyed them more than I would have. The sad part is I don't think they lasted a year. Nope a quick check of Ravelry tells me, I finished them the day after Christmas, last year. He did tend to pick them first out of the sock drawer, so they did see a lot of wear.

Don't worry I will try to repair the old ones too, most likely by sewing the hole closed. We will see if a small seam at the heel bothers him. Since he is not walking directly on the seem, it should not bother so much.

Well I should get back to my knitting, I've got a pair of socks to knit by Christmas.


  1. Oh man, that's no good. What if you made a funky little patch to go on top?:)

    1. But first I have to find the yarn! Where oh where did I put it?