Saturday, November 17, 2012

On color

You ever knit different things in the same color at the same time? I tend to do it quite a bit. I go through color phases, I've knit purple socks, a purple shawl and a purplish sweater at the same time. I finished the socks and sweater but the shawl went into time out for misbehavior. Maybe that is why I have not really picked it up again, I'm not knitting anything purple right now. 

I'm going through a green phase right now. I'm taking a new method class (toe up magic loop socks) and chose some green Cascade sock yarn. These will be for the hubby, since his hand knit sock drawer ran out of socks the other day. Oh the horror!

He walked out to breakfast today and said the world is just better with wool on your feet. Then he suggested the middle east conflict might be better if I knit socks for a few world leaders. Kisknit says it would be wool peace instead of world peace (trademark).  I think that would be a lot of knitting for other people and then my feet would be cold. And we all know a knitter with cold feet is not a happy knitter!

I recently realized that a bag of yarn would not work for me as a sweater and I am starting to knit it up into accessories for me. This is a hat I've finished now.

I'm working on a lace stitch cowl now. And up next is a nice long pair of fingerless mitts, most likely with cables. So really not a matched set design-wise but hey I am eclectic why shouldn't my knitwear be too?

So it looks like I will be knitting up a green streak for a time. What is your color of choice right now?


  1. I seem to be veering all over the place for colour right now. I've noticed that I have a lot of green accessories, especially scarves and shawls.

    Speaking of cold feet, I'm thinking I need to really seriously start knitting some socks, because the old crappy store bought ones are not cutting it. Cold feet are terrible things. :(

    1. Wooly socks... wooly want to knit wooly socks...
      Come on over to the dark side our feet are warm here.

  2. I always like dark greens with rusty oranges. And darkish blues. And cranberry reds... ;-).

    1. Yep dark green goes with almost anything, that must be why I love it so since I am very eclectic.