Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Socks Tuesday

Whew! I finally finished some socks. With winter bearing down on us it is good to have new socks. I had to put away my summer socks, you know my pretty lace ones and light weight wool. What do you mean you don't wear colorful light weight wool in the summer?

This leaves me with only 15-20 pair to choose from. Poor me. That is not counting the socks that have gone to sock hole heaven. I tried repairing a sock once but I don't like it. Of course I picked my least favorite holy pair too, socks that I never really liked. That may have something to do with not liking the repair either.

Anyways back to the socks at hand, ahem, I mean on foot. These guys tried to do me in, the top of the second sock made me think that it was pooling differently than the first sock, so I kept frogging and knitting. I must have cast it on three or four times. Finally I just gave in and said fine, look all fraternal twins-ish, I am going to keep on knitting!

Now of course I can not tell the difference. Sometimes I think I should not even look at the second sock, if it looks different I won't know.

These are Socks that Rock, lightweight, Rare Gems that I call Fall Colors. The yarn was bought at Rhinebeck in 2011. Is a year long enough to be considered stash?

I started them in September hoping to have new fall colored socks in the fall but they tricked me. Socks what are you going to do with them? Oh that is right wear them!

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