Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sweater time

The weather has taken a chillier turn. After the heat this summer poured on us, I think we're both looking forward to crisp air. D got a bit excited and pulled out a sweater I made for him a year or so ago. 

I being a knitting blogger I had to ask him to step outside. No not to fight but to take a picture since that is one thing I have not managed to do since finishing it. 

I think my camera may be losing its proper settings. Either that or it is doing battle with the sun light. It still manages to capture the handsomeness of my Hubby.

I guess my pictures of knit items are not the only thing I am behind on, I worked on my knitting journal last weekend and am still a month behind. Yikes. Looks like I've been knitting and not keeping any notes. Luckily I've kept some notes and dates on Ravelry, but I like having a paper journal too.

Good thing my hubby is taking care of somethings for me. He cooked dinner for me all on his own the other night. He picked the recipe, picked up somethings from the store and cooked it all up. It was wonderful to walk in the door and smell something hot in the oven. Boy did he pick a winner too, Chilaquiles or Mexican lasagna as the cookbook described it. So, so very tasty.


  1. That is a great looking sweater! What a nice finish on it... very professional! A great sweater for someone who sounds like a great guy. :)

    1. Thanks! For a guy that never wore sweaters he certainly enjoys wearing mine.
      He's a total keeper!