Sunday, October 14, 2012

In the tub

Well my first Rhinebeck sweater is in the tub. Before she took a bath I wanted a bit of photographic evidence that she was finished. Plus I left the markers on that I used to show where my waist shaping went and wanted a picture for future reference.

She is now lounging in a bucket of lukewarm water and SOAK wool wash. Soon she will be pulled from the bucket and receive her own towel wrapped foot stomping, courtesy of her knitter. How else do you get to know your special Rhinebeck Sweater?

I'm off to make some wine, I mean towel dry a sweater.


  1. Very pretty!!! My Rhinebeck sweater...probably not getting done in time. Again. Sigh. It's close, but...we'll see.

    1. Thanks. You will be at Rhinebeck, as a vendor or buyer? My animal chore load is so much smaller than yours, it gives me a knitting edge. Plus once the weather gets chilly my cats almost force me to knit by sitting on me. Woe is me, enforced knitting time with lap warmers.