Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back dating

I am back dating this post since I need my ten posts per month and my internet has not been cooperating. Yay internet is back I have missed you!

Anyways I was going to tell you about accomplishing a goal. It is one goal in a lifelong set of them now. I declared September start to exercise again month. I have a great elliptical machine that helped me lose weight before we went to England in 2009. I've used it off and on again once we came back but the commitment never came back.

So I decided to really look at my habits and see where I could start fixing myself. I know I have the time on the weekends, so why was I not using it? I learned that I must exercise before I shower on the weekends. We like having scones and tea accompanied by relaxing togetherness on the weekends, I am not willing to give that up so what do I change? If I have somewhere to be and take a shower I have just given myself the day off since I don't want to "waste water" by showering again.

This month I made the commitment to exercise every weekend day, no arguments or excuses. So I did. I knew I had to plan around my showering and I did. Sounds so simple but it took determination. On the days I had to be somewhere I showered again in the evening and had more time the next morning.

I used the same plan for my evening workouts during the week too. I am not yet a morning person so I had to give the morning workout thought a pass before I even told myself I could do it. I know I can get up early and workout, I also know I am not going to, at least at this stage in the game.

Now my week day workouts are tougher since I am away at night classes twice a week, but even they don't run too late. I just need to make myself do it and not beat myself up and defeat myself before I've even begun.

So I've started and now I intend to continue. Wish me luck? I'll need it if I am Turkey Trotting again this year. (I will be I know I will!)