Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rhinebeck - Part of The Haul

So let's talk about the haul I made at Rhinebek, shall we? I happily traipsed outside in the chilly air on Sunday (I wish the day before had been chilly I could have worn RS, alas) and I pulled out my bag of goodies and quickly took pictures.

We found koko noelle sold great shawl pins. I think partly because they displayed them so beautifully. The framed large white wool swatches and placed a pin on each. The also had two large white knit pieces with multiple pins attached. You just looked for one you liked best and pop off it came to be replaced by another.  This is my lovely choice. Oddly now I am worried that it is too yellow and may distract from the shawls. Nope wait I am over it, I wanted a noticeable pin and I have a great one now. The pin portion is copper or copper colored. Since I've always loved copper I think it is what sealed the deal. 

I should probably admit that I did something I said I was not going to do. I promised Kisknit that I would try not to influence her purchases. Kisknit was thinking of getting a shawl pin too but said something along the lines of 'I don't really wear shawls', I pointed out that she would wear more if she had a nice shawl pin to hold it in the proper place. Shawls are more comfortable when you're not constantly readjusting them. Wait, I just remembered I said I would not influence her yarn purchases, not just any purchase. Whew I am off the hook on that one.

I had decided that I like spindle spinning enough to buy another spindle (or two). I asked for a recommendation on a plying spindle, I bought a cherry three inch 1.9 ounce. For a lighter spindle I bought a two inch cherry Tsunami weighing in at 0.75 ounce. Let's get ready to spin! (You should read that last sentence in a boxing announcer's voice.)

I enjoyed knitting my Rhinebeck sweater so much that I went back to Wild Apple Hill Farm's booth this year and bought another sweater for me and one for D, some assembly required, that is where the fun comes in. I am more than a little disappointed that I could not show off my new sweater to them. (Am I getting any sympathy from the audience here?)

I am reformulating a plan so I'll just leave you with a shot of my over packed bag of wool and goodies. That is a bag D brought back from a conference that I quickly claimed as my knitting bag. I'm going to tell you that he is more of a backpack kind of guy but we all know I just like claiming bags that I can fill with wool. I find messenger bags are easier to keep track of at a festival. I don't have a two foot protrusion that I can not control hanging off my back. It can get pretty tight in some of those barns, I would not want to be responsible for giving someone a concussion.

Once I figure something out I'll show off the rest of my wool. Till then happy knitting!