Monday, October 29, 2012

Icelandic sock and some crazy talk

I could not wait to try out my new Icelandic sock yarn that I've been searching for. I think it was home for a few days before I cast on. And when I did cast on it was more of a play with/test out how different size needles affected the fabric. 

While I like my socks dense I found the bigger needle gave it a better feeling fabric. 

Can I just say I'm in love with natural colored wool? Because I am so in love right now it is ridiculous. I'm so in love that this picture I took a short time ago is almost a pair of socks already.

Even on Saturday I worked on these instead of working on my homework for a sock class. It is ok because the next class is a couple of weeks away. I am free to enjoy finishing socks from yarn that never even made it into the stash.

I am also looking for patterns for an useable hat for me. I am an awful hat knitter. As good as I am making socks I am equally lost making hats. They always turn out too big or too small. Alas I need some hat making mojo. Wish me luck because I can not go through another turkey trot with frozen ears.   Maybe I should have one of my socks give the hat yarn a pep talk. You know sort of a '"She's really not a bad knitter, she just needs some help from you hat yarn. Work with her and you could be beautiful. Yes I know you're already beautiful, but you could be a beautiful hat not just yarn."

What? Doesn't your yarn and socks have conversations at your house?

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