Monday, October 22, 2012

Rhinebeck what we saw and did

First of all I should say thank you to these two lovely ladies for accompanying me on this wooly road trip.

Kisknit and her Sister.

Sadly Kisknit and I had to abandon our sweaters in the car. As I feared it was way too warm to wear winter woolen wear. I don't know how the people that wore their woolies did not pass out, especially in the packed buildings. 

Anyways while we were waiting in line Sister spotted this skirt in front of us.  Super sheepie!

Yes I realized how awkward it was for me to take a picture of a stranger's bottom. Awkward but I figure you would appreciate the craftiness of the outfit. Now I really want to find the fabric and beg my Mommy to make me pillow cases. Oh that reminds me wait till you see what she is working on for me. I love Mommy made pillow cases!

Our winners in the funky hat competition.

I bet they were able to spot their companions easier than I spotted my companions.

And for lunch I had my first falafel! Super tasty, I will totally try the local place. I had no idea that falafel could be green. My companions said they thought it tasted spinachy, in a good way. I did not weigh in since I had no prior experience.

I told them we had to take a mandatory waiting in line for the restroom photo. While they are good sports, I may have threatened them with me having the car keys. So they found out there is a price when you let me drive.

The night before the festival I tricked out my bag's strap. I even had the Hubby re-ink my Ravelry button. My name had rubbed off in spots so he re-wrote it and added a kitty. Dude knows me, I tell you!

So once again Rhinebeck is finished for another year. The only comfort I have is fluffing the new stash in with the old stash. Well that and resisting the urge to cast on ten pairs of socks.

Next episode I show off my haul, and by haul I mean haul.


  1. I have a great recipe for baked falafel, if you want. I always make a double batch because they are so tasty! And well done, D, for knowing how to fix the Rav button.

    1. Please do share your recipe, I think our house needs more falafel. I am very curious to see how baked tastes too.

    2. Here you go!

  2. I'm very amused that the Sister and I are almost matching in jackets and white shirts.

    1. Yes, the picture while waiting for the restroom really struck me how much you resemble each other. I've never seen it before
      At one time I was trying to find you in the crowd and wondered out loud why I thought you was wearing a green jacket. Sister pointed out she was wearing green, my mind had swapped your jackets.