Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Turns out I like a bit of a challenge once in a while. I don't want my knitting to be a source of stress for me but it is nice to know what I can accomplish every once in a while.

Introducing my socks named Summitless. I did not go to Sock Summit so I joined in on Ravelry to knit these. I chose to knit A Good Plain Sock from Knitting Rules. I figured these would give me a fighting chance to finish them. 

I wore them for the first time today. I did not wash or block them first, I never do. Somedays I can barely get the ends sewn in before they are on my feet. I figure they ride around in a plastic bag in my purse and  get knit by my hands, how dirty could they be that they could not go on my feet? I would have a bit more cause for concern if I still lived on the farm, but here? No, I am not worried.

On Saturday after I finished the first sock I cast on the second sock and started to knit when I found my sock had finished in just the right place.

I had cast on, joined and just started to knit when my hands told me something was off in the yarn. You see right where the two strands cross? The upper strand has a one inch-ish area of unspun/oddly spun funkiness. I cut it off and started anew. 

I must admit it was odd to focus on only one project for a few days. I am such a project wanderer. Normally I like working on different things. I find each one fills a certain slot in my brain. Sometimes I like to switch between texture and color. Some times I like to go on auto pilot and others I like to need to think about what I am doing.

I know that I am currently down to two different socks on the needles and that feels really odd. I am feeling a bout of startitis coming on. I also have a hair appointment tomorrow and feel I would be letting them down if I came in with no knitting. 

So what to cast on? Fiber Optic's cashmere blend in lovely soft sage green or Socks That Rock in blacks and reds? Or I could go yarn basket diving and see what else is out there.

Of course I could always knit some on what is on the needles...but what is the fun in that, I know what that looks like.

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  1. Hehe, hello opposite! Maybe it's good to know someone who has startitis on a regular basis. It balances out my monogamous knitting!