Thursday, August 25, 2011

Running for the Roses

I decided if I can not run some races yet I can walk some. D decided to walk this one with me. He was our photographer for this event barring a couple I took myself.

Kisknit took this one. She was participating in the race portion of the event along with her fast Hubby.

And we're walking. There was some beautiful scenery!

I think the table was being consumed by moss. Ah the dreaded Moss Monster!

We just made it back in time for the start of the race.

Kisknit had such a look of concentration and focus on her face, then when I take a photo the Drama Llama pops up complete with Jazz hands! I know that is not the proper usage of Drama Llama but it is my blog and I will use it for comedic purposes when I like!!

Here is the fast man coming in for a landing!

And here is the not quite as fast woman coming in for her landing too.

That is an excellent time for a 5K in my opinion! She shaved off minutes from last year's time too. Did I mention it was a hilly course too?

D took pictures of the back of my very sweaty head but I don't think the world needs to that.