Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still amazed

So last week I made myself do something out of character. I put a knitting limitation on myself. Since the plain socks are so easy to work with and I don't have to carry and mark a pattern I made them only On-The-Go knitting. I was not allowed to knit on them while I was sitting pleasantly at home.

You know what happened? I finished a sock I've (not) been working on since May. My first Spring Forward sock is done and I have cast on the second one too. It is amazing to me that some things take so long because I simply don't spend any time on them. All you monogamous knitters out there can stop laughing any time now.

I have also finished my first plain sock too but that's ok because I followed the self imposed rules. OK I knit on it a bit tonight at home because I was casting on and that requires attention and focus for a few rounds. I'm not going to beat myself up.

I took my car in for its first oil change this weekend. As I walked by the waiting area I noticed a lady knitting. So I used my time in the restroom constructively, trying to figure out how I would approach the situation. You know it is tough being a shy knitter that wants to meet other knitters. I decided I would sit near her but not next to her and pull out my knitting to see if she noticed. Which she did!

Yay, for the purse sock doing its job and getting the conversation started. She was very nice and was working on a wrap sweater out of Noro Silk Garden yarn. When she asked about local yarn stores, I recommended a few that I know. I eventually asked if she is on Ravelry and was a bit dismayed to find out she is not. I tried to explain the concept which is quite difficult given my descriptive skills. You know how hard it is to describe something when you don't know the person and have no idea what their internet usage is? I tried the 'it's a bit like Facebook' line but she is not on Facebook so no frame of reference there. You can look up yarns, books, designers and see what people have made, was my best description. But as with explaining why a cell phone is useful to someone who has never had a cell phone, you don't really get it till you see it. I was able to tell her the most enticing bit, Ravelry is free! So maybe she will get in and have a look around to see what kind of a tool it can be

That was my knitting week in a nut shell, how was yours?

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